early years are learning years and play is the nature of children

In our centers, we provide an environment that promotes and encourages "PLAY".

Our foremost goal is to provide a warm, caring environment that allows your child to develop as a unique individual. Your child's biological, social, psychological, and intellectual needs can best be met in an atmosphere of nurturing and creative learning.

Each child must feel safe, secure, and loved in order to develop a positive self-image that will translate into optimum emotional and physical development. At LCDC we provide learning experiences that encourage each child to develop physical, intellectual, and social skills while progressing through the various developmental stages at his or her own pace. Our philosophy encourages self discovery, creativity, and helps build self esteem.

At L.C.D.C we try to develop the child's appreciation for empathy and we give abundant love, attention and praise. Our programs are individually designed to encourage exploration as well as growth and development. Play, which is the nature of childen and the medium by which they master environments, is an integral part of our curriculum.

When children learn through play, they enjoy learning. Play in an active form of learning that unites the mind, body, and spirit. As children play, they develop a playful attitude towards inventiveness, being able to think up many ideas, new ways to do things, and solving problems.

Children who are tired, hungry, and hurried can't play. At LCDC we plan the curriculum so the children get the most from their play. We plan for long unhurried play times, rest, nourishment, and alternating periods of active and quiet play.

Many childcare professionals are more comfortable when directly teaching than acting as a facilitator for children's play. However, play provides the opportunity children need to develop and practice new cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills.

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